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Jill's Memories

Jill's Memories

When I was a young girl I went with my younger brother with our new puppy whom ran onto the frozen pond and broke the ice falling into the water.  It was funny and cute we had a very chilly puppy that ran to us after getting his paws wet for the first time!
We used to play on the rocking horse and the great big slide and see who could swing the highest on the swings.  The thing I cherish most about the park are the memories of family and us playing. I remember dad used to take us to the park and watch us play.

Story submitted by Jill, Goole

Searching For Tadpoles

My daughter Rosie and the neighbours boy used to come down to the park all the time, they were inseparable, I remember once they we tad polling in the paddling pool, Rosie came back drenched, she had pushed James in the pool and then he had pushed her in! Rosie said ‘well you should see him he looks worse’ which is amusing as that’s what James said to his parents!

Story submitted by Anonymous

Hannah's Anecdote

We would come every day to walk around the park with the dog and my daughter in her pram. We kept coming as she grew and she actually learnt to ride her bike here. We don’t visit as often as we have now moved to Howden but still like to come in when we can.

Story submitted by Hannah

Hayley's Daily Visit

I have lived at 72 Shaftsbury Avenue all my life, I grew up there as it was my parents house and is now mine. I used to play in the park every day and now I walk my dog there twice a day and my kids play there too.

Story submitted by Hayley

Dan and His Dog

I walk my dog in the park daily come rain or shine, its great exercise for us as well as a well looked after park with lots of space for different activities.

Story submitted by Dan

Grandson Fun

We travel from Thorn a few days a week to bring our Grandson to play as he enjoys the bike ramps and playing football, we have been coming here weekly for about a year and won’t stop until he wants to.

Story submitted by Anonymous

Walking Down Memory Lane

We spent a lot of time at the park when we were younger, yes we remember the paddling pool, the sand pit and a steam roller. We would come down and sometimes find it difficult to find space as it was so popular!

Story submitted by Sarah & Louise

Back To Basics

When I was younger we used to come and play in the park every weekend, sport, hide and seek anything! We came here as there wasn’t much else to do and it was free and fun!

Story submitted by Anonymous

Summer Bumps

I used to bring my son here, I’d say about 20 years ago. Every time I brought him he managed to hurt himself and we would end up in A&E. He once fell off a swing and cracked his head and he also fell off the climbing frame and broke his wrist. This all usually happened at the beginning of the summer holidays which meant all summer plans went out of the window after that!

Story submitted by Anonymous

Mixed Activities

We walk into Goole from Howden sometimes, we bring our grandchildren to play on the BMX track, we like to come in for music events and the over 55’s group and a cup of coffee and some cake. We have been doing this since the café was built a few years ago.

Story submitted by David and Margaret

Diane's Memories

I used to come to the park with my kids and my parents. It would be where we would meet as they lived in Old Goole and us in Goole, we would have picnics and play sports sometimes, we still try and come as often as we can.

Story submitted by Diane

Paddling Pool Playtime

I remember the old paddling pool and how much fun my daughter used to have in it on hot days, even cold days I found it hard to keep her out.

Story submitted by Karen

Alisha's Climbing Antics

I remember falling out of all the trees aged 9 or 10, I was usually fine after the fall as I would just get back up and try again!

Story submitted by Alisha

My Visit To West Park

As a child, living in Howden, I either walked or got the bus to West Park and used the paddling pool and played in the Sand pit and had a really good time with all my friends

Story submitted by Carol Flynn

A Fall To Remember

I remember when I was about 12, I was looking after my neighbour who was about 8, he managed to fall in the paddling pool and drag me in with him! We both left the park very soggy!

Story submitted by P. Morgen

The Lost Boat

I remember when I was about 4 years old, I was playing with a small boat in the pool and it sunk! I was too small to go in and save it and it was never seen again!

Story submitted by P. Morgen

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